National Council of Psychologists of Ukraine

Uniting efforts for psychologists’ upskilling

A group of Ukrainian and foreign psychologists, coordinated by the Angels for Ukraine Foundation and the All-Ukrainian League of Ukrainian Women, have joined forces to create the Public Association “National Council of Psychologists of Ukraine” (NCPU) to provide psychological assistance during the ongoing war and to help Ukrainian psychologists to improve their skills and competences.

The Angels for Ukraine Foundation, co-founded by former UK Minister for Civil Society Brooks Newmark and Swiss businessman Raitis Bullits, played a key role in establishing this organization.

Maria Petrova, head of the new National Council, explained that psychologists have been constantly analyzing the psychological state of civilians and military personnel since the full-scale invasion began. They provided support during evacuations and along humanitarian routes.

The Angels for Ukraine Foundation has been actively cooperating with Ukrainian mental health professionals to address issues like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children and support for their parents. “War affects everyone’s mental health,” said Newmark, highlighting the importance of their work.

Mr. Bullits, who sits on the National Council’s board, emphasized the shortage of qualified psychologists able to provide adequate assistance during wartime conditions. Upskilling psychologists is crucial to improving the support available.

The National Council of Psychologists of Ukraine united experts from 18 countries to share their expertise. Maria Naumova, a UNICEF ambassador with experience helping children exposed to violence, stressed that psychologists still have much to learn, but the priority must be supporting whole families.

Angelo Quiceno, the Director of the Angels for Ukraine Foundation in the USA and Canada, underscored that while such charitable programs are resource-intensive, they remain committed to preventing “war fatigue” and securing aid for Ukraine.

Plans for this year include opening specialized psychological assistance rooms, conducting training for psychologists using leading international methods, and deploying the first five mobile assistance groups in affected regions. With over 23,000 registered PTSD cases, per the Ministry of Health, initiatives like the National Council formed with the Angels for Ukraine Foundation’s involvement are vital.

Watch the full press-conference video:

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