Angels for Ukraine is a non-profit organization that implements mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) programs for Ukrainians affected by the ongoing war in the country. Our MHPSS programs aim to address the severe psychological trauma and distress experienced by children, families of injured/killed soldiers, demobilized soldiers, displaced persons, and others impacted by the war.

MHPSS initiatives include:

  1. MHPSS for Demobilized Soldiers/Veterans – Specialized counseling and reintegration support for Ukrainian demobilized soldiers/veterans dealing with PTSD, combat stress, and other war-related psychological issues.
  2. Caregiver Training – Programs to train caregivers, teachers, and social workers on psychological support techniques to better care for traumatized children.
  3. Child Friendly Spaces – Safe spaces set up for children to play, socialize, and receive age-appropriate psychosocial support from trained staff to help them cope with trauma and displacement.
  4. Support of Online/Hotline Counseling through Partner Organization – We support the activities of the All-Ukrainian League of Ukrainian Women, which offers remote counseling services via phone hotlines and online platforms to reach those who cannot easily access in-person support.
  5. Mobile Psychosocial Support Teams – These teams of psychologists and social workers travel to conflict-affected areas, shelters, and IDP camps to provide on-site counseling, psychological first aid, and referrals to more intensive mental health services when needed.

We partner with local mental health professionals, hospitals, schools, emergency workers, and community organizations to implement these MHPSS programs across conflict zones and areas hosting large IDP populations in Ukraine.