Brooks Newmark is a businessman, philanthropist, politician and social reform campaigner

Brooks is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Oxford, and a former politician who held a number of senior roles in the UK parliament over the course of a decade. In his political career and beyond, Brooks has campaigned to end the plight of homelessness and dedicated his career to building strong and healthy communities.

Before politics, Brooks had a successful career in the financial sector, and he is an angel investor in several companies and start-ups today.

Raitis Bullits is a businessman, philanthropist, innovator, empathetic leader

Since the first days of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Raitis proved his commitment to supporting people in need by organizing on the Polish-Ukrainian border transportation of Ukrainian refugees. He engaged his assets and convinced partners to support the evacuation of civilians from the territories where hostilities took place. His company, Amitours LTD, joined the evacuation missions and not only used its own fleet to transfer people to safe areas but also started to rent more buses to help as many refugees as possible.

Amitours LTD also provided free refueling for buses carrying Ukrainian refugees.