We bring people to safety and unite efforts to recover Ukraine. We continue to provide transport for evacuation and have started implementing projects focused on Mental health/psychosocial support and the recovery of local communities. We cooperate with Ukrainian companies, municipalities, hospitals, and refugee centres. We maximally involve Ukrainian transport companies, thereby supporting the local economy. This site was also developed by Ukrainian programmers working intermittently due to power outages caused by continuous bombing of energy infrastructure facilities.


We rely on our experience and invite everyone who is willing to listen and help to cooperate. Without mutual conversations, trust and tolerance, we could not do our job. 


Our goal is to help children, families, and the elderly come to a place where they feel safe and welcome, and where they can get help in need. And we hope that we will be able to help these people return home – then when it will be safe. Our psychosocial support projects and recovery initiatives will help those who return home and want to build a new life.