We have been providing support to crucial medical evacuation (medevac) in Ukraine since late 2022. As of May 2023 with our support more than 12,000 medical evacuation were completed.

Emergency Evacuations

  • Angels for Ukraine coordinates emergency evacuations of civilians injured by shelling, airstrikes, or combat in active warzones across Ukraine.
  • Their teams of volunteer paramedics and doctors deploy quickly to stabilize and extract wounded civilians from dangerous areas under fire.
  • They use ambulances and armored evacuation vehicles to transport injured people to hospitals in safer areas for further treatment.

Transfer of Vulnerable Patients

  • They facilitate medical transfers of vulnerable patients like pregnant women, newborns, elderly and disabled individuals from areas impacted by fighting.
  • This allows these high-risk patients to be relocated to healthcare facilities better equipped to provide the specialized care they require.
  • Angels for Ukraine coordinates logistics like ambulances, oxygen support and medical staff for these critical transports.

Field Trauma Care

  • Their emergency responders provide urgent frontline trauma care to stabilize seriously injured civilians at the scene.
  • This includes conducting triage, stopping bleeding, splinting fractures and other life-saving interventions.
  • Their teams remain in active warzones for extended periods to continue treating and evacuating wounded civilians.

Healthcare Facility Evacuations

  • When hospitals/clinics in combat zones become too hazardous, Angels for Ukraine helps evacuate immobile patients and critical equipment.
  • They arrange multi-vehicle convoys with appropriate medical personnel to transfer patients to better-protected healthcare centers safely.

Support of wounded soldiers’ evacuation from the battlefield by Awangarda

  • For more than a year, we have been supporting Awangarda’s medical evacuation teams, who do everything to save the lives of wounded soldiers risking their own.