February, 2022

In the first week of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Innovator and Angel investor Mr. Raitis Bullits travels to the Polish-Ukrainian border, willing to help with his experience of transporting Ukrainian refugees to other European countries.

March, 2022

Seeing the huge scale of the tragedy, it becomes clear that personal funds and company capabilities are not enough. Mr. Raitis Bullits turns for help to the investor club “Changer club”, of which he himself is a member, to raise more funds for the transportation of refugees.With the help of the Changers club and private supporters 2,657 Ukrainian refugees are transported out of the war zone.

Another member of the Changer Club – Mr.Brooks Newmark joined Mr. Raitis Bullits on the Polish border to see with his own eyes what this important work means. It was Brooks, with his political experience, who realized the need to form a fund that would deal with bringing the civilian population to safety.

April, 2022

Ukrainian buses carrying refugees are provided with free refuelling. Amitours.ltd is trying to rent more buses to be able to help as many refugees as possible.

We are strating to transport people from areas affected by the war in Ukraine to refugee centres on the Ukrainian–Polish border.

By April, 6524 people were transported. Among them, 3634 people were evacuated from war-affected areas in Ukraine.

April-June, 2022

With the support of members of “Changers Club” and the organizer abilities of Raitis, about 9,000 Ukrainian refugees are removed from Ukraine and transferred to refugee centres in Poland, Germany, France, Luxem- bourg, Latvia, and Lithuania. The inscription “Angel for Ukraine” is put on the bus window.

May, 2022

The transportation of the wounded from Ukraine to Polish airfields is underway, where they are met by planes from different European countries for transfer to European medical institutions. Thanks to the tremendous courage of the local residents, with the help of “Angels for Ukraine” an orphanage from Kharkiv was evacuated, which is located almost on the very front line and 47 children were rescued.

So far, a total of 8650 people have been transported. In May, 61 injured were transported.

June, 2022

With the partnership of the Charity organization “Ми з Україною” the withdrawal of people from the territories occupied by the Russian Federation has been organized. This work requires very lengthy negotiations between the two warring parties, very precise execution, and enormous persuasive powers.
So far, a total of 9,160 people have been transported. Including 159 injured.

July, 2022

So far, a total of 11,531 people have been transported. 1887 people were deported from the territories occupied by Russia.

August, 2022

So far, a total of 14,803 people have been transported. Including – 1725 children. 5087 people were deported from the territories occupied by Russia.

October, 2022

A total of 19,409 people were brought to safety. Among them, 9,587 people were deported from the territories occupied by Russia. 2060 children were transported. We are starting registration for the charity foundation “Angels for Ukraine”.

November, 2022

A total of 20789 people were brought to safety so far. Including 10886 people deported from the territories occupied by Russia. 

March, 2023

We signed a joint venture agreement with the country’s Ministry of Health’s Emergency Services to evacuate wounded soldiers and civilians to specialist hospitals in Ukraine and EU.

May, 2023

As of May 7, 2023, our foundation evacuated 32,536 people, including 10,886 people from temporarily occupied territories. 2,060 children (including 178 orphans) were brought to safety.

June, 2023

Angels for Ukraine joined forces with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health, 11,779 medical evacuations have been carried out as of June 8, 2023.

June 11-14, 2023, we organized a humanitarian mission to Kherson oblast to support people affected by the Kakhovska Dam catastrophe with food, hygiene, and water. 

July, 2023

On July 26, 2023, Angels for Ukraine founders Raitis Bullits and Brooks Newmark met with the Rector of the Alfred Nobel University Dr. Sergii Kholod and his team to discuss possible ways of cooperation in scaling up the foundation’s MHPSS projects, humanitarian initiatives, and, of course, Ukraine’s recovery on hromada (community) level.

August, 2023

With partners and support from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, we organized the First International Training for School Phycologists to provide better comprehensive support to families from war-affected territories.

September, 2023

Participation in the World for Ukraine Summit in Poland. Strengthening our cooperation and coordination with colleagues. 

November, 2023

Angels For Ukraine became a prizewinner of the Skarb Natsii (Treasure of the Nation) National Award in Ukraine!

December, 2023

The co-founder of Angels for Ukraine, Raitis Bullits, met with the Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Olena Kondratiuk in Latvia.

April, 2023

A three-day training for psychologists from educational institutions, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, and medical facilities from various regions of Ukraine took place in Kyiv city.