Exploring rehabilitation of veterans on site

Brooks Newmark, cofounder of Angels for Ukraine, visited Tytanovi Osteo-Integrative Prosthetics Clinic and Rehabilitation Center during his recent visit to Kyiv. 

During his visit, Newmark met with patients, prosthetists, and medical professionals. He witnessed firsthand the resilience of individuals who had faced unimaginable challenges and the dedication of the clinic staff. Mr. Newmark had an extensive dialog with Oleksandr, who is wearing the latest prosthetic arm. The veteran told Brooks about the rehabilitation process and how he trained himself to operate a prosthesis freely.

After that, the Angels for Ukraine cofounder met with Viacheslav Zaporozehts, the CEO of Tytanovi, and they discussed the current needs of the rehabilitation center and demobilized soldiers who are undergoing rehabilitation.

As the conflict continues, the Tytanovi Center remains committed to its mission. With support from donors, it strives to empower war survivors by providing them with functional and aesthetically pleasing prosthetics. Brooks Newmark’s visit serves as a reminder that compassion and collaboration can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by war.

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