Civilian Casualties Surge in Ukraine 

In a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission (HRMMU) has reported a significant increase in civilian casualties during May 2024. The numbers paint a grim picture of the war’s impact on non-combatants, with at least 174 civilians killed and 690 injured – the highest monthly toll since June 2023.

The surge in casualties, representing a 31% increase from April, is largely attributed to a renewed ground offensive launched by russian armed forces in the Kharkiv region. Beginning on May 10, attacks in this area accounted for 53% of all civilian casualties recorded during the month.

The Kharkiv region bore the brunt of the violence, with 65% of damage to educational and health facilities concentrated in this area. The city of Vovchansk, situated near the Ukraine-russia border, suffered particularly widespread destruction.

The HRMMU also documented 24 attacks on energy infrastructure across Ukraine, with 19 occurring in government-controlled areas and 5 in russian-occupied territories. These strikes targeted power generation plants and electricity substations, temporarily disrupting access to electricity and water supplies for many civilians.

Additionally, six attacks on railway infrastructure were recorded in government-controlled areas during May, further compromising civilian movement and supply lines.

The growing brutal attacks on civilians, energy, and social infrastructures are also a call to action for all people of goodwill and relief organizations! We all should unite our efforts to help immediately those who lost everything in recent attacks and help them move to safer territories or restore their households in case they wish to stay in home settlements.

You can support Angels for Ukraine and our humanitarian mission in Ukraine right now.

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