Building capacities of Ukrainian psychologists

These days, starting August 7, 2023, specialists from the Israeli organization “Early Starters International” conduct training sessions for 60 psychologists from educational institutions in Ukraine.

The training is organized within the framework of the international project “Happy Family – Successful Country,” aimed at providing comprehensive support to families by enhancing the qualifications of school psychologists and social educators using international practices.

Israel’s experience in providing practical support for civilians during war conditions is hard to overestimate, especially in the context of psychological rehabilitation.

After the training, psychologists will be able to conduct treatment for Acute Stress Disorder according to the MSI protocol, apply a salutogenic approach that promotes healing and post-traumatic growth, demonstrate basic planning and implementation skills for programs for teachers in schools, apply practices in everyday life to support children and their parents effectively.

We consider psychosocial support as one of the crucial types of assistance that should be delivered to war-affected people most rapidly. As it is already well-known, there is no health without mental health. So a new wave of training will be started soon.

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