At Angels for Ukraine, we are committed to bolstering the healthcare system in Ukraine during these extremely challenging times. Our dedicated teams have been working tirelessly to provide critical assistance to hospitals and medical facilities across the country.

Medical Supply Lifeline

We procure and deliver essential medical supplies, equipment, and medications to ensure hospitals in Ukraine never run out of the resources they need to save lives. From first-aid kits and surgical instruments to wound care products and consumables, we maintain a steady pipeline of vital medical provisions.

Rebuilding Damaged Hospitals

The conflict has taken a heavy toll on Ukraine’s healthcare infrastructure. Angels for Ukraine undertakes repair and renovation projects to restore functionality to hospitals that have been damaged. Our efforts ensure these facilities can reopen their doors and continue serving their communities.

Training and Empowering Medical Staff

We conduct specialized training programs for Ukrainian medical professionals to enhance their capabilities in handling trauma cases, mass casualties, and other medical emergencies arising from the conflict. Our initiatives strengthen Ukraine’s medical workforce.

Safe Evacuation Corridors

When circumstances demand it, Angels for Ukraine facilitates the safe evacuation of patients, doctors, nurses, and their families from high-risk regions to secure areas, allowing for uninterrupted care. Read more here.

Prioritizing Mental Health

We recognize the immense psychological strain this conflict has placed on Ukraine’s healthcare workers and patients alike. Angels for Ukraine provides mental health resources, counseling support, and services to promote resilience and overall well-being. Read more here.

We are working on establishing Mobile Medical Support in areas where hospitals are non-operational. We plan to deploy fully-equipped mobile medical units and ambulances. Our mobile teams will provide emergency care, triage services, and critical medical support where it’s needed most.

Join our Mission

Through our multi-faceted approach, Angels for Ukraine remains steadfast in fortifying Ukraine’s healthcare system and supporting its courageous medical professionals. We invite you to join our mission and make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this crisis.